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    AvatarGeorge Barta

    Ideas to make this site better

    AvatarRocky Willson

    Hi George,

    Is there a tutorial about how to use this site? If I know WP, you have a lot of variability in your set-up, so the tutorial would be too long to be useful.

    I tried to change my Avatar, but I don’t do cross platform stuff for security reasons, and a site for cross platform avatars came up, so I will just use the mustached dude default unless you can’t suggest some other way to have an Avatar for just this site.

    I know that it is considered futile to try to maintain one’s privacy in the current computer age, but I still try to do it. IIRC, I once took a photo on my phone one time and when I went home to my computer, that photo appeared on my sign-in page! Now when I get e-mail, an alert comes up on my phone. It all seems to be quite an invasion of my privacy to me.

    Thanks once again for working on this.

    AvatarRocky Willson

    Wow, it looks like the program auto submitted my last post.

    I found a new way to change my image in the “change profile” area, but when I went to look at photos to submit, I couldn’t see them. I didn’t want to post any of the random photos out of the thousands on my computer, so I will work on this later.

    Please don’t address my questions unless you want to for other users. I will eventually figure it out–or not. Either way its nice to continue to have someplace for local foosers to communicate.

    AvatarG. Pops

    I know this site is new and all, and this is maybe a low priority, but I think the site would be better if you added some more colors, maybe a photo page like Pat had, a player bio page (with player pics) and of course I would really like to have a “Hall of Legends” page! Is there anyway to import that (or anything) from Pat’s site?

    Great work George!

    AvatarHarold Hutchison

    Is there a place on this new site that has Floppy’s latest ratings list? That would be a nice feature. But sort the list before posting, please. Much better if sorted by rating, not by first name.
    Another suggestion is to add as many of the known playing locations to your location tab (the site description claims that its for the Northwest, not just the Seattle area;’). Washington, Oregon, Idaho, BC, Alberta,…whereever you know of a place to play, please list it. Thanks.

    AvatarHarold Hutchison

    No response (or action) with respect to my previous suggestion…bummer. Well, here’s another one anyway: I think the mustached guy is appropriate for me, but not the black hat. I’m the good guy, remember? Put the black hat on those known offenders. A white hat is preferable, but if that’s already taken, I’ll go with green if you don’t mind. Very earth friendly, you know.


    Well get to that and other site improvements as soon as the WSO is done. Hope you’re all excited for this weekend!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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