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Rick Martin has passed away

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    Two days ago Rick Martin lost his battle with lung cancer. We lost a great friend and a not bad foosball player. (I wrote that last sentence in hopes wherever he is Rick could get one last chuckle from my words.) I count Rick as a close personal friend, and endless source of old foosball stories. The last time I saw Rick, I flew to Idaho to surprise my mom for her birthday, and as I usually do on my trips to Idaho I set an evening aside to hang out with Rick. I had told Rick I was coming to town and he got a group of players together and we played foosball for 3-4 hours, then Rick gave me a ride back to my sisters house. We pulled up at my sister’s place around Midnight, but Rick was in the middle of some old foosball stories, so we sat in the car and finished up the discussion. I didn’t get out of the car until 3am. That was Rick. He loved foosball, it was his passion, and it showed in his skills and accomplishments.
    He was a great player, one of the best players of all time. Along with his frequent partner Dan Kaiser, Rick and Dan were the top players at a time where foosball was at it’s hay-day here in the US. One of his records he was most proud of was when foosball was at it’s most popular he won 19 major tournaments in a row. Rick poured his heart into foosball, and he was fun to play, fun to talk to, and fun to be around.

    I’ll miss our crazy long phone calls and seeing him at Regionals. We lost a great man and friend.

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