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October Foosball League – Flexible League System

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    I’m wanting to explain the League Play format I’m designing so people can have a couple months to get excited about it.

    First off: “Why the new system?”
    In the old old days we had fixed 4 player teams, it was a commitment every week to play league when you joined a team you had to show up. Also – frequently played teams based in other bars so you sometimes had an inconvenient drive to play your match. And new players couldn’t join leagues mid season…plus new players were unlikely to know about league before the season, so were unlikely to be able to get on teams. AND you had to form exactly 4 man teams which was sometimes difficult.

    So here is the solution – Flexible League System
    I have designed 3 vs 3, 3 vs 4, 4 vs 4, 4 vs 5, and 5 vs 5 league forms. So on any given night where at least 6 players show up for league play, we can form teams. Example if 15 players showed up we could make a 3 vs 4 match and a 4 vs 4 match. We would randomly pick 4 captains, those captains would pick their teams and the matches would be played. After the match each individual player would have his stats tracked; We tracked Match wins, Game wins, and Points scored. At the end of league the top 8 players would compete for the league title and money prizes. Top 8 was determined by Most Match win percent, with tie breakers being Game win percent, and points scored percent in that order. And in order to qualify for the “Top 8” you had to play a minimum number of matches. This year I’m computerizing the whole thing and it will track a lot more stats. But basically it will be the same. Once I get the software finished I will share it with any TD who wants to run league matches at their location. League matches take 90-ish minutes to run. (approximately 13 games are played, but you can play them on two tables.. you can play two games at the same time (usually), meaning league takes the time it takes to play 7 games (or about the time it takes to play 3 normal DYP 2 out of 3, matches),so 90-ish minutes. So for most locations you can do: 7:00 League play followed by 8:30 regular DYP tournament. (or visa versa…whatever people want to do.) Or you could just play multiple league matches…or Baseball or whatever the TD and players want to do.

    For those who’ve never played league – Here’s how the matches work: Each match is around 13 games, each player will play about 5 of those games. The games each team plays will be Doubles, Singles, Goalie Wars, Forward Shoot out, Roto, 2 Ball Roller Ball, and 4-Man roto with all 4 players on the table at the same time, 1 rod each. (This is always the last game of each match.) So everyone plays in the 4 man roto game plus you’ll play a 4 of the other games your team is in.
    All games are played using the players player rating as a handicap, with the player with the higher rating having to score extra goals. (the handicap calculation can be a little tricky, but the new computerized version is going to take care of that so no-one has to do the crazy math. But basically if a player rated 5-5 played a player rated 7-7 in singles. The match would be played to 5 points with the 7-7 player having to score 2 goals BEFORE scoring any actual points. In this way everyone will report a final score of 0-5 points with the winner scoring 5. If the higher rated player fails to score his point spot, he gets a ZERO score, not a negative score. (This eliminated a lot of problems with the old league system.)

    So summary: Anyone who wants to play league, can just show up on league night and assuming there are at least 6 players everyone who shows up will get to play. If you can’t make it to league night due to sick, vacation, or whatever you don’t have to show. So long as you play the minimum number of matches (probably 8) you will qualify for the finals. (assuming you are in the top 8 at your location)

    That’s it in a nutshell. I’m targeting October for having the league system ready to go. I already have the match forms working, but have some other stuff to add.

    Oh Money – lets see. I’m not firm on that yet but here’s what I’m thinking: Each match will cost $5 to play. The winning team get $8 per player. The other $2 goes to the league pot which will be payed out on the final league night. Payouts will go mostly to the winning team but there will be other bonuses available as well. Top goal scorer, top Goalie, top FSO player, 2-ball roller ball champion…etc.


    Floppy this looks interesting to say the least. I am interested when will the new program be ready? When do you want to start league??


    Bill, you’re one of the people I want to talk to about this.
    There are three pieces of the software.
    1) the league running software. This is currently in a working, mostly finished state. It works, there are a few “Cleanup” – Fit and finish items I could add but it’s a complete working program right now. Email me at foosninja@hotmail.com and I’ll share it with you.
    2) Data collector – I’m about to start this bit. Right now the league software spits out the results data from the match. The Data collector software will consume the individual match files and combine them into a single data file.
    3) PowerBI reports – The last piece is taking the single Date File and generating cool web based output reports which players can look at to compare league results and standings. This bit I haven’t started on yet either. I’m hoping to do Step 2 in the next couple days, and start on phase 3. I Think both of those steps will be reasonably fast.

    Anyone who wants to run this software to run league matches, send me an email at foosninja@hotmail.com and I’ll share the program.


    Status Update – Both the League Software, and the Data Compiler program are complete.
    Last Coding project will be the fun one, where I will generate cool graphs and charts and bells and whistles. Once I get that written I’ll see about getting it linked to this site.

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