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Laptops for League?

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    I’m currently writing some software to run League play. And I have a question.

    Here is “Floppy’s Dream” – I’d like league play to replace Annual Voting….if possible for player ratings. What I’m hoping is to have my software written by October, and maybe make October and November “League Months”. And I’ll try to get “most of the locations” to use my cool new league software and run league style events at as many locations as possible those two months.

    For example right now at Waterland we usually play a DYP followed by a round or two of Baseball. I’d like in October and November to run a round of league, followed by a DYP or Baseball, at as many locations as possible.

    I’m going the extra mile here to try to write software that will do some pretty cool things with league play. It will monitor all stats and calculate player rating adjustments at the end of league, plus I’m hoping to also display some cool stats like Scoring leaders, Top Goalie leaders, 2-Ball Roller Ball King….things like that with maybe some cool charts and pie wedges like Pat had on the old site to make the stats kind of fun for everyone. I’m designing this software from the ground up to support uploading of results files and compiling of statistics for this purpose.

    Now here is my question – Because of the complex statistical nature of the software I’m writing it will be VERY VERY difficult…pretty much impossible….for players to keep track of league results on paper, and enter them into a computer later. It will basically REQUIRE someone to bring a Laptop to the tournament each week. Is this feasible? I can obviously do it at Waterland, what about TD’s in other locations? And how does everyone feel about using league play to drive the player ratings instead of voting each year?

    Now we could “Mix and Match” it. Like maybe do voting for players who were not able to compete in league play…but I’m kinda hoping the active players will come
    out and do league….and the “innactive players”…well their stats are unlikely to change….so we can just keep them the same. I’m thinking anyone who practices, will come out and participate in league stuff.

    What are people’s thoughts?

    BTW, I’m writing the software anyway, And I’ll try it out at Water-land, so the main question is: Do we want to try to use it to replace voting, and do October-November league months at as many locations as possible?

    I will share the software with anyone who wants to use it, and I’ll compile the stats from all locations using it. So leagues could happen in Idaho, Portland, Medford, Vancouver, even Lewkowski’s weekend practice sessions could run league events and have them compiled with everyone else’s stats. And same for Edmonton if those guys want in on this. I’m hoping to make the stats display interesting and we could have some fun regional comparisons.

    AvatarSlink Vinkman

    In theory it sounds like a great idea Floppy! I use a laptop each time I run my tourneys, but I won’t be running them for much longer. I am a little skeptical though if it will produce an accurate account of ALL the players who don’t do the league, but only the regular DYP’s. I guess time will tell. Go for it!

    AvatarGeorge Barta

    Mike if you make it web-based and mobile friendly it will be really easy to have at least one person at the tournament able to run and record the information.

    AvatarDawid Kala

    https://modernfoosball.com/ is a web-based mobile friendly tournament running software. Mike, let me know if you’d be willing to use it for the league, it could automatically upload tournament results to an endpoint of your choice.

    I like the idea of calculating player ratings based on results of matches played locally, really excited for that!


    David – League is very different from tournament format.
    Basically here is what I’m creating for league in a nutshell.
    1) A menu allows selection of the league match type 3vs3, 3vs4, 4vs4, 4vs5, or 5vs5.
    2) Players may then be entered into the team selection area, I’m storing player ratings as a JSON file and importing that, there is also a built in tool to update the JSON file for adding or updating players on the fly.
    3) Matchups are calculated along with the handicap adjustments for each game.
    4) Players will enter the game results as they are played, the software keeps the running total.
    5) After the match is complete the software will output a match result JSON file which is designed to be consumed by the League Manager software. (Which I haven’t started on yet. I’m considering making a PowerBI report for league standings displaying.)
    6) If I do the above then the league manager will compile individual match results and output a CSV datafile for the PowerBI Report to consume.
    6 option B) If I don’t do the PowerBI thing I may do something with the Excel graphing features.
    7) Work with someone….whomever is running the NWFoosball site to render or link to the results.


    Foos League update.

    Okay so still planning on trying to get October – December to be “Foos League” months. Here is a plan with the update to where I am.

    The plan – Get as many weekly tournament directors as possible in the Northwest to see if their players want to do “Foos League” from October – mid December. This will require:
    1) Me to get in contact with Tournament Directors and get them the software they need.
    2) Someone at each tournament will need a Windows Laptop to run the software. After league matches are complete the software will create a match results data file which the laptop owner will need to email to TBD(not sure yet who’s gonna handle this part…I’m working on it.)
    3) All the players will be able to see all the league stats and results in a cool fashion via a link on this site. (I’ve written all the software (Though a few touch up fit and finish pieces still need to be added.) but it’s working and ready to go. I am still working now with Danylo about getting the Publishing to the web site piece working, and one of us will need to get the link added with George…but I feel like this will come together in the next few days.

    That’s it. Foos League should be ready to go at a location near you starting in October. League matches consist of 12-15 games (Depending on the number of players) You don’t have to commit to a team, we draw up the teams each week…sort of like how we pick partners at the DYP’s. It can be random or school yard style captains pick players like we do for Baseball. How ever you want to do it. So league participation is not a huge commitment. You can play any week you show up.

    What I need NOW is to get ahold of as many TD’s as possible to get them set up and ready to go in October.
    Locations and League Status:
    Waterland Arcade – TD – Floppy and George We’ll have League ready here.
    Lucky 7 – TD Bill O’Holloran – He has the league software and will be ready.
    Pioneer Square Saloon – TD ??? In process of reaching out to them…
    ????? Locations??? TD’s????
    ????? Locations??? TD’s???? (I’ll call my contact there tonight)
    Vancouver (BC)
    ????? Locations??? TD’s???? (I’ll try to call people tonight)

    If anyone wants to help me fill in the blanks on all the question marks above, email me at foosninja@hotmail.com

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