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    This year’s Christmas party/tournament will be at Lucky 7 on Friday December 20th at 7PM.

    Bill is running this tournament, contact him if you have any questions.

    This will be the usual: Pot luck Style food / White Elephant gift exchange

    Food: It might help if people post here what food their bringing to avoid 10 people bringing potato salad. Bringing food and eating food are both optional. If you feel like bringing something do so. Home made treats or store bought are both welcome. No one is required to bring food this is just a holiday optional thing. SEE POST BELOW FOR FOOD UPDATE

    White Elephant Gift Exchange: Bring a wrapped gift. The guidance is: Gifts should be something under $20. (This is not written in stone, if you feel like going over, or bringing something hand made, these are perfectly okay, this is just general guidance so people know what price range of gift to shop for.) In the past we’ve had some pretty impressive hand made gifts. Participation in the Gift exchange is optional. If you bring a gift, you can participate in the gift portion of the night. If you don’t bring a gift you’ll just be spectating that portion of the night.

    For those who haven’t done a White Elephant gift exchange before it works like this:
    You bring a wrapped gift (Important it must be wrapped.) Put it on the gift table.
    Everyone who brings a gift will be included in the gift drawing.
    Participants will have their names called. When they are called they will go to the table and choose a gift … OR they can “Steal an already opened gift from a person who opened a gift before them.” Once a particular gift has been stolen 3 times it can no longer be stolen.
    If your gift is stolen, then you have the option to steal from someone else (You can’t steal a gift directly back from someone who just stole from you.) OR you can open a new unopened gift.
    Once the last gift is opened, the person who drew first can steal a gift exchanging his/her gift with someone else, and that person in turn can exchange…this continues until someone declines to steal, at this point the gift exchange is over and everyone keeps what they have.

    Foosball Tournament: Normal $10 DYP – Participation in Food and White elephant is optional. The tournament will be paused at some point to do the gift exchange.

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    Put me down for Deviled Eggs. (This time I’m not lying and changing at the last minute to Chili-dogs. I was the cause of some disappointment by deviled egg fans at Thanksgiving. Sorry about that last time.)

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    Tournament starts at 7PM.

    ALSO – Location won’t allow us to bring “Food” in, as they have a restaurant there. I suspect we’ll be okay with “Christmas Treats” like Cookies and Chocolates and stuff like that. But don’t bring casserole dishes of Lasagna or stuff like that please.

    And Larry’s special Christmas Brownies .. um we probably ought to not do that either, though if you want to pass them out from a stash in your car, you’re of course subject to the normal passing out “Special” brownies out of the stash in your car regulations. But a plate of them at the Foosball table…bad juju.


    Had a really fun time at the Christmas tournament, was great to see everyone.


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