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AvatarBEN HASSON, Old Man Foos

Kathy and I wanted to tell you all thank you very much! We’re not the kind to really ask for help. Things just all happened all at once. I’m having my left knee replacement surgery next Thursday the 17th. Was hoping to have my great dog as company but she got sick, had a 2900 surgery then had to put her to sleep anyway. I never had a dog’s loss affect us the way she did. Then work Terminated me September 11th two weeks before my 15 years when they would of owed me a 1500 bonus stating they couldn’t accommodate the time frame off and the doctors reastrictions. And there’s more but won’t get into it.
Want to say that as members of the foosball community this makes us feel very good. Please keep in mind when your playing each other we are very competitive and sometimes we all say things, argue, or generally can’t stand someone sometimes.
Off the table differences are and ahould be forgotten. We have a very special group of very good people.
Kathy and I know everyone who gave and some that gave alot. We want to thank all of you even if you didn’t have but were thinking about us.
Not looking forward to my surgery but looking forward to my new knee after recovering and to visitng you all at a future tournament.
Love you all, Ben & Kathy Hasson
Old Man Foos
Keep on foosin!