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More details
If you haven’t played league before, you will form 3, 4, or 5 man teams depending on how many players show up, and each team will play just over a dozen games of different types: Doubles, singles, Forward Shoot Out, Goalie Wars, Two Ball Roller Ball, Roto, and Full Team games. The point totals from each game is totaled to determine the winning team. Every game is handicapped using a reverse handicap system, to make each game “Fair” regardless of skill level.

Reverse Handicapping – Short version: If a team who’s combined skill level is 5 plays a team who’s combined skill level is 7 the higher rated team has to score 2 “Extra Goals”. These “Extra goals” are scored first. So they would need to score 2 goals before they start scoring their normal 5 goals to win the game. If the higher rated team doesn’t finish scoring their “Extra Goals” by the time the other team scores 5, the higher rated team is credited with “Zero” for a score. (NOT A NEGATIVE NUMBER). So the biggest point difference any team can get for a single game to 5 would be 5. So this is “Fair” for high or low ranked players…but the higher ranked player still needs to make up his handicap to win the game…so the handicaps still do their purpose.