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How it works:
The style of league we’ll be running does not involve any commitment to any one team or location. Each “League Night Event” will involve players picking teams (in whatever fashion they choose…pick captains, or random draws.) And then a match is played. Each match will track results individually for each player – Matches won, Games won, points scored, and many other statistics which will be displayed here on this board for everyone to parooze. I’ll try to get links up to other foosball boards for Oregon, Idaho and Vancouver. You will be able to compare your results to those of other players from other regions.

In December each location will have a playoff where the top players from each location will compete for fame and fortune. (results may vary)

If you have 2 tables to play each match on, then league should only take about 90 minutes and you can play your regularly scheduled DYP afterwards. (I encourage league first then DYP because if you’re out in 2 in the DYP you can go home early. But everyone has to stay until the end of league anyway.) So if you’re out in 2 in the DYP and you do it first, then you have to sit around for hours waiting for league…which might not be fun.