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Next order of business – Money

Okay so here are my initial thoughts: (And this is totally up for debate, modification, new ideas, and whatever from now until Leagues start in October, at which time, if we were smart, we’d have everything sorted out and written in stone…at least for this first league under this new format.)

So here’s my initial proposal, and we can amend and adjust or change it however:

Each location can “pick teams” each week however they prefer – Either randomly pick captains or just randomly pick teams each week.
Each participating player will pay the TD $5 per match played.
At the end of each match the winning team will win $6. (yeah $1 profit (less quarters))
Each location can work out how they want to pay quarters for the league matches…If each player puts some number of quarters in a cup…that works.
So at the end of the night the winning team wins their entry fee back plus a dollar, the TD has $4 per player per match played, and the losing team has shame and remorse.

The TD should then avoid using the money to buy scratch tickets and instead save the money for league end payouts.

In mid December league matches will come to an end, and a one day “Playoff” at each location will happen. The league software will track the results for each location and show standings.
Okay so here’s my thought, and how we did things a few years back when I sort of ran this same style of league at the Summit Pub. When league is finished the top 8 players at each location will play in the playoff League Finals. Players 1-4 will form “the A-Team” and players 5-8 will be “The B-Team”.
In order to be in the top 8 players will need to play a certain number of matches at the given location, AND finish top 8 in the standings at that location. (NOTE – all matches are Handicapped, so anyone can win, this does not favor all the pros, is should be pretty balanced.) (More on that later)
The prize pot collected by the TD will be distributed to:
The top players in certain league categories (Top goalie, top forward, Top Roller Baller ..etc… the league reports have cool charts that track this stuff)
Also the teams in the Final playoffs will split the remaining pot (unevenly), probably something like 66% for the winning team and 33% for the losing team.

Now we’ll have to have a discussion about “Qualified” players. To qualify for prizes at a particular location a player will need to play at least 8 Total league matches (at any locations), and play 5 or more matches at the specific location. So yes, players who want can play at multiple locations. AND if a player can’t get the necessary 8 matches in at their regular location, they can go play at a different location in order to get in their “8 total matches). If they don’t play the necessary number of matches, they can’t qualify for league end prizes. (yeah it’s a bad deal for them….but as long as they won any matches they played in they didn’t actually lose their money to the prize pool pot.)

The above will require the TD’s to save the weekly pot money somewhere safe (like in their sock) until the end of the league payouts.

AFTER the League finals are finished: Player ratings for “Qualified Players” (who played 8 or more matches at any combination of locations) will have their Northwest Handicaps adjusted based on their results. How this is worked is TBD, and involves lots of math and stuff… Basically if a player is winning a lot at their current handicap level they need to have a higher handicap. And the reverse for players who are losing too much. With a little luck this will replace annual Voting for Ratings.