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Okay first order of business is to get all the TD’s ready to go.

Software – email me at foosninja@hotmail.com if you do not already have the league software. For TD’s you’ll only need the LeagueForms piece. There are three components to the software:

LeagueForms: This is the tool that TD’s use to run the league matches, and it creates a results file for each match played. It also maintains local lists of the players and their rating and the locations. From within the software you can add new players or update ratings of existing players, and of course add your location to the list of locations. What TD’s need to do is install the software, run it for each match, save the match results, and email that results file to whomever the UBER LEAGUE MANAGER is. At this point I’m not sure if that will be me or not……I’m working on it….TBD.

LeagueManager: This piece of software collects and compiles all the individual league results files. So whomever turns out to be the “UBER LEAGUE MANAGER” will run this piece of software. It takes all the inputted league results and compiles them into a single data file which is fed into the report generator. Ideally the uber league manager and the person who has access to the report generator will be the same person.

Report Generator: This is just a PowerBI report that needs to have the datafile refreshed whenever new results are added to the source data file. Running the LeagueManager is fast and easy, and updating the Report Generator are both fast and easy….like under a minute to do both tasks. But it is a manual process of moving the results files into a special folder from the results emails this person will get each week. So basically there will be a slight delay between the time Matches are played and the time the Results file for each match gets updated. Additionally … The Reports I’ve made so far can be expanded in the future to include more information. (This is likely to happen…but it won’t impact any of the other steps.) When the Report Generator file is updated and refreshed, the link to the data will auto-magically pick up the new results.

Status: The LeagueForms software is written and working (but I still want to add a few fit and finish pieces….but it’s working now so we’re good to go). The LeagueManager is finished and complete. No updates needed, it works great. The Report Generator has a dozen or so different charts for players to look at with filters so they can see different location results or combine them..whatever they want to do…these are semi-interactive charts. There are more charts and stuff I could add to this in the future but it’s currently in “Good Enough” state to start league play.

Danylo and George are helping with the last few bits to get everything connected, tested and ready for October.