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Foos League update.

Okay so still planning on trying to get October – December to be “Foos League” months. Here is a plan with the update to where I am.

The plan – Get as many weekly tournament directors as possible in the Northwest to see if their players want to do “Foos League” from October – mid December. This will require:
1) Me to get in contact with Tournament Directors and get them the software they need.
2) Someone at each tournament will need a Windows Laptop to run the software. After league matches are complete the software will create a match results data file which the laptop owner will need to email to TBD(not sure yet who’s gonna handle this part…I’m working on it.)
3) All the players will be able to see all the league stats and results in a cool fashion via a link on this site. (I’ve written all the software (Though a few touch up fit and finish pieces still need to be added.) but it’s working and ready to go. I am still working now with Danylo about getting the Publishing to the web site piece working, and one of us will need to get the link added with George…but I feel like this will come together in the next few days.

That’s it. Foos League should be ready to go at a location near you starting in October. League matches consist of 12-15 games (Depending on the number of players) You don’t have to commit to a team, we draw up the teams each week…sort of like how we pick partners at the DYP’s. It can be random or school yard style captains pick players like we do for Baseball. How ever you want to do it. So league participation is not a huge commitment. You can play any week you show up.

What I need NOW is to get ahold of as many TD’s as possible to get them set up and ready to go in October.
Locations and League Status:
Waterland Arcade – TD – Floppy and George We’ll have League ready here.
Lucky 7 – TD Bill O’Holloran – He has the league software and will be ready.
Pioneer Square Saloon – TD ??? In process of reaching out to them…
????? Locations??? TD’s????
????? Locations??? TD’s???? (I’ll call my contact there tonight)
Vancouver (BC)
????? Locations??? TD’s???? (I’ll try to call people tonight)

If anyone wants to help me fill in the blanks on all the question marks above, email me at foosninja@hotmail.com