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David – League is very different from tournament format.
Basically here is what I’m creating for league in a nutshell.
1) A menu allows selection of the league match type 3vs3, 3vs4, 4vs4, 4vs5, or 5vs5.
2) Players may then be entered into the team selection area, I’m storing player ratings as a JSON file and importing that, there is also a built in tool to update the JSON file for adding or updating players on the fly.
3) Matchups are calculated along with the handicap adjustments for each game.
4) Players will enter the game results as they are played, the software keeps the running total.
5) After the match is complete the software will output a match result JSON file which is designed to be consumed by the League Manager software. (Which I haven’t started on yet. I’m considering making a PowerBI report for league standings displaying.)
6) If I do the above then the league manager will compile individual match results and output a CSV datafile for the PowerBI Report to consume.
6 option B) If I don’t do the PowerBI thing I may do something with the Excel graphing features.
7) Work with someone….whomever is running the NWFoosball site to render or link to the results.