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AvatarChad Kinner

What fucking scam !! Im the largest promoter of foosball in the NW with more tables on location promoting local foosball than Anyone!! (Actively). All the promoters are doing today is playing foosball Amongst themselves nobody is promoting leagues like we did nobody is promoting school Foosball like we did. This next generation of so called promoters are so detached from what real grassroots foosball promoting is about. Steph and I promoted Foosball as a team until the day that she didn’t want to be a team anymore. And she quit !! And I kept going for years and years after. I’ve spent over $150,000 on Foosball promoting for the local player and almost 20 years of my life. There only a couple people that can say that.
Myk Donaldson your participation in foosball promoting does not exist without me. Your first tables and your first foosball Location was my location and my foosball tables.I listened real closely and filmed your acceptance speech at the HOLO ceremony and you did not mention anything in your speech about Steph or Me you completely left us out you thanked the guy from China you thanked fireball and you thanked Brad Laurine. He didn’t get you started we got you started at Waldos remember Myk Donaldson.
You should be ashamed