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AvatarRocky Willson

Hi George,

Is there a tutorial about how to use this site? If I know WP, you have a lot of variability in your set-up, so the tutorial would be too long to be useful.

I tried to change my Avatar, but I don’t do cross platform stuff for security reasons, and a site for cross platform avatars came up, so I will just use the mustached dude default unless you can’t suggest some other way to have an Avatar for just this site.

I know that it is considered futile to try to maintain one’s privacy in the current computer age, but I still try to do it. IIRC, I once took a photo on my phone one time and when I went home to my computer, that photo appeared on my sign-in page! Now when I get e-mail, an alert comes up on my phone. It all seems to be quite an invasion of my privacy to me.

Thanks once again for working on this.