5 comments on “2019 Washington State Open

  1. Hey George we can pre register online? How does that work we show you a receipt? Please advise because this could save tons of frustration for sign ups. Is there a dead line?

  2. George and team thank you for yet another awesome tournament. We appreciate all your hard work and extra efforts! Thank you

  3. I am looking for a bar to play foosball and saw your name associated with the Lucky & in Kirkalnd. This site suggested that there is a tournament on Friday nights at 8:00pm. How serious are the players? I just want to have some fun an play some foosball and have some beers. Can you tell me a little about this? Email is best.


  4. Jeremy, show up early for pick up. Nice group who welcome anyone. You’ll get to know pretty quickly if you should play the draw-your-partner.

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