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2019 Washington State Open

WSO/HOLO Proposed Schedule

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There is now an Am Doubles replacing the Rookie/Expert doubles events. Also added back in Super Seniors (60+), and a Moneyball: Sudden Death.

The Moneyball event is a BYP, 3/5 (unlimited ot) single elimination $100 pro $50 am entry, and the winning team also gets their event fee paid for in the Real Moneyball (up to $200 if the same teams enters the event).

I know some concerns have been raised by Pat and others about the double-draw event, and the conflicts it will have. We’re aware of it and plan to mitigate by running one side as much as possible, before starting the second round.

Also, if we run into time constrains all events are subject to a race-to-7 on the loser side.

Date: Oct 4, 5, and 6

Location: Hotel Interurban in Southcenter

21 thoughts on 2019 Washington State Open

  1. There is, the code is FOOSBALL and you can book online at https://www.hotelinterurban.com/

    At the moment you can save about $20 if you do not use the code, but as the tournament dates get closer I think that price will go up. If you do reserve a room without the code let me know, so I can use that in my future conversations with the Hotel staff.

      1. I can get 131.20 USD / Night. Excluding Taxes & Fee

        With FOOSBALL in group Code I get 169.00 USD / Night. Excluding Taxes & Fees

        What the shit?

      2. I can get 131.20 USD / Night. Excluding Taxes & Fee. (without the code. Only advance payment)

        With FOOSBALL in group Code I get 169.00 USD / Night. Excluding Taxes & Fees

        What the shit?

        1. It’ll make a lot more sense when we get closer to the event and the rates go up. I’d definitely go with the lowest rate, but if you make a reservation let me know, it will help when dealing with the hotel.

          1. George I just took a closer look at Friday Nights Cluster Fuck! The tournament is going to grind to a screeching halt as soon as the second draw starts. Mixed probably won’t start at all. I think you need to rethink this.

            Just my opinion of course, nobody listens to me anyway.

  2. Tried the code but the rate was higher. Didn’t use it. For general notification: parking is another $15/night. Breakfast is complimentary IF you are a “Stash” member.

  3. Hi George,

    I was going to play this year but had shoulder surgery in June, then had complications and another surgery in August, so I can’t even practice for another 6 weeks. If I were to come up, would you be able to put me to work? Registration, etc.? I won’t be able to do any heavy work, but anything else. Let me know.


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