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  1. Wednesday the 3rd of July at Waterland
    I am trying to arrange a “Thank-You to Pat and George” event at Waterland with free hamburgers and Hotdogs for all the players. Wayne pointed out to me that Wednesday the 3rd could be a “Big Turnout” because most people will have Thursday the 4th off….So I have been trying the last few days to try to have the “Free Burger Day” on the 3rd. But….that’s not going to happen on the 3rd because it’s supposed to be a thanks to Pat and George and George will be out of town that day and Pat still won’t be recovered from his surgery…..so we will do a “Free Burger Day” but it will likely be the last wed of July or the first wed of August. So anyone I called in the last few days…sorry about the change of plans. That said …. Wednesday the 3rd will still be a pretty big turnout I suspect, so plan on getting there on-time or a bit early, or calling in if you’ll be late.
    (253) 344-7611

  2. Can we get a brief tutorial on posting and general functionality of the new NW Foosball site I be leave it would help with the transition, that said, I think it’s awesome!!! Thanks to every one who helped create the site!

  3. hello:

    this Monday should be cold and cloudy perfect day for Foosball ,IT WILL LIKELY BE A $15
    tournament day ,if we get 6 teams total pot with Mike add will be $300.

    foz will be giving lessons early ,so show up early for the lessons.

    abe aalami

  4. hello:

    I am back today is cold and cloudy should be a good foos day to get ready for wso.
    I will try to bring foz as well see you there tonbight.

    abe aalami

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