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Those of you that obsessively check nwfoosball.com (like I do) have probably noticed some problems. Pat’s community page that has served us so well for so long went down, and bringing it back up has proven challenging.

We are going to start transitioning some of the content and functionality to this site, and will need help with organization, content management, and moderation. WordPress is unfortunately a lot easier for spammers to find and target with automated software.

Feel free to leave feedback using the ‘Leave a Comment’ link below the post name.

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  1. Happy foosing, I look forward to seeing the new site but sure miss the format and “look” of Pat’s original nwfoosball.

    1. Major cu-dose to RAP DADDY aka… Pat Mandin. Pat has done more to keep foosball alive in the pacific north west than any one else in the last 15 years!!! Rocky Wilson brought foosball back to life in the 90’s, Chad and Steph keep things going, MYK and the foos group ( George, Blake ,and Kathrine) have all been key in making it possible for me to always have a place to go out and play the game I love! But Pat’s web-site and tournament soft ware brought NW Fossball together and gave us the best playing experience possible…thanks Pat!


      1. Give credit where credit is due.
        NWFoosball. com did not get started by Pat Mandin although Pat had done a wonderful job taking it to the next level. NWFoosball.com was started by Danny Bask and Kevin Munro.

    2. To all this Friday Julie and I will not be at the Lucky 7 tounement. We will return next Friday. Good luck at the Kill the keg tournement. Later

  2. Thanks Turk, a 14 year run is not too bad. It’s Time for some new technology and young ideas. I will be laid up for at least 4 more weeks after surgery to my hand. See you soon.

    1. Thanks for your efforts all these years, Pat.

      I hope your surgery goes well. I hope it’s just routine stuff and not because you have or had some sort of injury, but any surgery is a surgery and has risks.

      1. I agree with Foz, that Pat has done a great deal for Northwest Foosball, surely in recent times , but going back to the Foos World days, Pat has always had a hand in keeping NW Foosball fun and competitive! Thanks Pat, and congratulations to your induction in the upcoming Hall of Legends!

    2. Pat. Floppy here I need to talk to you, please call me. 253-835-1715

      I’ll be home during the day Friday.

  3. Oh boy, something else new to learn. Like Adrian Monk on the sitcom and sometimes serious detective show used to say, “I don’t mind change… as long as it isn’t around me.”

    Well, in an attempt to fight my curmudgeonly nature, I will try to learn this new site.

    If someone could fill in the details I would appreciate it.

    Who is running the site now? Pat or George, or someone else or a collaboration of some sort?

    Anyway, nice to have something back at NW Foosball dot Com.

    1. Great to hear from you Rocky, I’m currently managing this WordPress site, but I’m looking for help to manage all the content and moderation. Hopefully we can restore most of the awesome stuff Pat has been building for us. I’ll take a look and see what I can do about the Captcha stuff.

      1. Thanks for the reply George. Also glad to see you are stepping up, once again to help out the NW Foosball scene.

        I’m sure Pat will appreciate one additional thing taken off his plate. He’s done a great job over the years. I once tried putting up a similar website–using what was at that time the most popular forum system. Despite having various protections for people getting on, passwords, etc. the bots soon took over. I think the system was called vBulletin.

        Hopefully you won’t have the problems I encountered.

        Thanks for doing this. Thanks to everyone involved. And a SPECIAL THANKS to Pat for doing it all these many years.

      2. I would like to put my Facebook profile pic for my avatar on the new NW foosball site can you help me with that fly boy?

  4. I had problems making my last post. The CAPTCHA code apparently doesn’t want spaces, even if there is obviously a space between two of the characters.

    Whoever is running the site, the secondary captcha requesting admission didn’t work and it was pretty basic (the sum of two single digit numbers), so I’m pretty sure I didn’t get that one wrong.

    1. I am targeting the first weekend of October as the desired date, but it will happen some time in October. There are several new T3000 tables, and we’re going to try hard to focus on the organization and schedule in order to improve the player experience.

      1. I would like to see a handicap single’s or double’s something new that anyone can play in. And are nw foosball points do we have access so people can try and found someone for the 14 Limited or do we need to make a new one for this new site. Please let me know if there is anything that I can help you with for the Washington State.

        1. All players should pay the same! Players that do not have the skills to compete should stay home not pay half price! This was some foolish idea to get more beginners playing regularly. and we have how many new players as a result this? I be leave the correct answer is 0. Letting some pay half price is wrong and should stop now. No more half price on Fridays! I will help any one who wants to learn how to play foosball ( For Free ) if you want a lesson or some one to do a foosball clinic at your, office, home , place of work, or any of the tournament locations. I would be happy to help, Call or e-mail. to make arrangements. 1 206 200 1869…rfosner@live.com

      2. The big question is…are we going to be able to wear punk rock shirts and play barefoot while drinking a beer? Asking for a friend lol!

      3. We should have a $100 buy in per player like moneyball doubles at the Washington State. We can call it Super Foos or The Jackpot doubles.

        Come on Barta make it happen. Lol……

  5. Is the 3rd of July possible for bigger tournamenty at waterland. Everyone has the 4th off. GB?

    1. I would like to see a good turn out on July 3rd. Floppy make it $20 to get in or at least for the pro’s. $10 for am’s. I should be able to come out that day.

  6. Checkout the new FOOSBALL RADIO podcast. Recent episodes are Todd Lofredo interviews and he talks about his early years, playing with Tom S, Fredrico, etc. (Access it via I heart radio, Castbox, Spotify)

    Also a new awesome foosball documentary was just premiered. Here’s the trailer: https://youtu.be/EgrlbvfkDwc

  7. The responses don’t seem to be in any particular order. I am out of commission for a while. Floppy if you want to talk about website stuff Barta is handling that now

    1. Rich:

      That really looks like an overpriced table. I can’t imagine why they would ask that type of price for that table. Do you know why?

      In some respects, it looks like a table that sold at Costco a few years back. Everything on that Costco table was designed to “look good” but it was really a POS. When you played it the men didn’t get close enough to the wall to stop a wall pass–period. Free wall passes all day long.

      Anyway, I would discourage anyone from buying this without knowing why it is priced so high and its exact pedigree. I don’t really recognize the table from anyplace I’ve been. It really doesn’t look antique or super high quality or anything like that. But, I agree that it does look “cool”.

      Tornado put out a table like that at one time. They might still…(a quick search online seems to indicate that they aren’t selling it anymore).

      Thanks for posting the link.

  8. This format is very different than the other message board, it will be hard to get the feel of. But I like the fact that I won’t have to see page after page of Floppy and Dave crap any more!!!

  9. Can we get a brief tutorial on posting and general functionality of the new NW Foosball site I be leave it would help with the transition, that said, I think it’s awesome!!! Thanks to every one who helped create the site!

  10. hello:

    I hope this get posted,this Monday should be cold and cloudy perfect day for lucky 7
    $$15 tournament,with 6 teams Mike add we should have a$300 pot.

    Foz will be giving lessons early for all to learn,so come early.

    Abe Aalami

  11. Waterland Arcade tournament, July 3rd. Only two tables so please try to be on time. 7:30 usually start time. If a little late can call Mike,(Floppy) 253-835-1715

  12. Foos I can use some pointers on how to be a good goalie!! Can you come to Waterland on your h 3rd and help me out? Thanks!!!

  13. It’s Friday night bitches and yes there is a tournement going on tonight at LUcky 7 !!! Hope to see you all there???

  14. abe aalami

    Today this monday expect a good turn out at lucky $15 tournament with eaqual to half bar add.
    I will be bringing foz Rayan will be there as well as Allan and some other heavy hitters heavy hitters.

    abe aalami

  15. abe aalami

    foz should be there again tonight at lucky seven tonight and likely timbo and tombo,switz,aka,and hopefully cisar and allan.

    abe aalami

  16. Tonight is Pat and George B. appreciatetion night at waterland arcade Foosball. Floppy is doing burgers and hotdogs free. 10$ DYP as usual but with free food. I made cookies, what more do ya want, FREE FOOD and Foosball …

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