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Beginner Tournaments at Dante’s every Thursday

I’m running beginner tournaments at Dante’s every Thursday evening.

From 7-9:30PM we run multiple rounds of random teams which allows players to enter any time, and leave any time.  It costs $2 to enter, the highest average score gets 50%, and the highest new player gets 25%.  The remaining 25% is used to feed the elimination round.

At 10PM we start a single elimination round by pairing the highest and lowest scores into teams.  Each player pays in an extra $3, and is expected to stick around until they are eliminated or win.

Last couple of weeks we’ve had 8 – 10 players participate, about half of them from the Saloon, and half brand new players.  I will keep posting here progress and changes to the format.

4 thoughts on Beginner Tournaments at Dante’s every Thursday

  1. My Bad, sorry! Dante’s is in the U-District near downtown Seattle. Address is:

    5300 Roosevelt Way NE
    Seattle, WA 98105

    The beginner tournaments are every Thursday night starting at ~7
    There are also big tournaments there every Friday.

    1. Unfortunately the location had a fire a few months ago and they are still working on bringing it back. For now the beginner tournaments are on hold.

      The best rookie-level tournament in town these days is on Tuesday nights at 8PM at the Pioneer Square Saloon in downtown Seattle.

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